Sunday, March 15, 2009

: rubber duckie, you're the one :

I was commissioned to bake two dozen mini cupcakes this weekend for a baby shower, and rather than the standard piped frosting, I decided to get a little creative with the cupcake embellishments.

I've never used fondant before, so naturally, I decided to forgo buying ready-made fondant and tried to make my own instead. I found a rather interesting recipe online that uses jello powder, but it didn't quite work out. I played around with the ingredients, and finally found a combination that formed something pliable. I'll post the adapted recipe sometime in the future when I have a chance to experiment again.

I decided to use the fondant to make little rubber ducks on a bed of piped blue Swiss Meringue Buttercream on Vanilla cupcakes.

Here are my ducks on the lookout:

Here are my ducks forming an army:

And here's their final resting place:

My last duckie didn't have a cupcake to sit on:

Vanilla Cupcake recipe from Joy of Baking.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe from Martha Stewart.


  1. Your cupcakes look so cute! What did you think about the recipe from the joy of baking? I wanted to give that a try, but I'm never folded in egg whites in a butter cake batter before.

  2. Those are amazing!

  3. Thanks!

    Steph - Honestly, I wasn't too keen on the Joy of Baking recipe. I found the finished cake a little too dry. The recipe didn't call for any folding of egg whites - It probably would have lightened up the texture somewhat!! Normally I would experiment with the recipe, but this was a bit of a last minute thing. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

  4. They are so lovely!

    I am surprised Joy of Baking did not come up to scratch, they usually work perfectly for me (and are one of the few US sites to use weights as well as cups)

  5. those little duckies are super cute!!

    i can't wait to check out your fondant recipe. i use this recipe i found ( and it tastes great, but isn't very good for crafting little creatures (it doesn't harden very well, sort of stays soft and squishy).

  6. Wow, this was your *first* time working with fondant? Super impressive. Bravo!

  7. Julia - Yep, it was! I must have had a lot of practice with playdough when I was younger :)

  8. I love those, cutest thing ever!

  9. I second what Julia said, I can't believe it is your first time with fondant, it is amazing! Love your little ducks they are just super cute!
    We have featured them in our 25 best birthday animal cupcakes at

  10. How do you change the color of the fondant do you just add food coloring?