Friday, April 10, 2009

: easter egg hunt :

We all know that Easter is all about chocolate, eggs, and chocolate eggs. So I decided to make a chocolate cake pop egg to celebrate the holidays.


I made the eggs using the cake pop method with some leftover chocolate cake I had in the freezer. I even hid a little surprise in each of my egg-shaped pops... keep reading to find out what!

I melted some white chocolate slabs using a double boiler, and attempted to dip half of each egg and then let dry before I dipped the other half. I quickly realised this method was not ideal. The white chocolate was too thick and was leaving blobs on my eggs.

This was not going to work out.

I decided the try doing a pour-over method instead, thinning out the white chocolate with shortening. I placed my eggs on a rack over a tray and poured the white chocolate mixture over it, making sure all sides of the eggs were covered.

This yielded a much better result. So much so infact, that one has to wonder...

Is this an egg? Or an egg?

And when you bite into it....

There's even a yolk! (Made with yellow cake mixed with frosting).

I actually first tried to make this using a sponge cake I had in the freezer, but the cake was too yellow and although I dyed the yolk part with yellow food colouring, there wasn't much differentiation.

For a more "authentic" cakey-hard-boiled egg, try it with a white cake (but remove the top/bottom/side which will brown during baking), and then dye the yolk bit yellow.

Happy Easter!!


  1. Ahahahahah! Awesome! I love that you also put a yolk in! Very smart!

  2. omg, that looks so good. and precious!

  3. What a great idea! I LOVE IT, and may have to pilfer it ;D Cadbury eggs, eat your hearts out!

  4. Oh my god! I wouldn't have thought of putting a yolk inside! What a fantastic idea!

    Very cool!

  5. You win!! What a great idea. If I had tried to shape the eggs I was afraid they would have the worst case of cellulite ever. So I just made mini cupcakes, which turned out pretty adorable, too.

    You can see mine if you want:

    Is it okay if I post a link to yours? I think it was a fabulous idea!

  6. Absolutely - I'd love to share!

    Thanks for all the comments :)